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Bust through mental barriers that sabotage your power, performance and peace of mind using a neuroscience-based approach. Unlock the power of your unconscious mind and gain the competitive advantage.

Mindset Coaching in Sports

Athletes Use Hypnotherapy To:

~ Increase focus
~ Manage pre-game nerves
~ Mentally train for lightning reflexes
~ Identify and eliminate self-sabotaging ways
~ Powerfully handle stress and pressure
~ Develop a naturally calm confidence
~ Optimize game-day thinking

The X-factor for all great athletes is their mindset. Whether it’s Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Lionel Messi or Serena Williams – each is known for their masterful training and game-day thinking.

So how do you get access to this elite thinking?

Working harder in training utilizes the conscious mind – what we already know to do to excel.

Whereas quantum leaps in personal performance requires reprogramming the unconscious mind to access new and undiscovered levels of ability.

Gavin has supported the development of athletes within these organizations:

I Coach the Unconscious Mind.

Gavin Bains is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist® and seasoned Mindset Coach. His work is fueled by a lifelong commitment to helping people access new levels of personal power, performance, and peace of mind.

Gavin’s mentor, friend, and New York Times best-selling author, Gary John Bishop, pegged him accurately when he said, “Gavin has an unquenchable thirst for helping people live great lives.”

In his hypnotherapy practice, Gavin works deeply with clients to access a profound sense of power and freedom to perform in all of their roles in life. The depth of this hypnotherapeutic work provides an immediate and long-lasting impact. Gone are the days of the long term therapy approach to personal change and development. Starting with the initial hypnotherapy session, Gavin’s clients experience mental freedom from life’s plaguing issues – including over-thinking, anxiety, self-doubt, lack of motivation, mental barriers to performance, self-sabotaging tendencies – and replace them with newfound abilities to perform in their personal and professional roles.

After a few coaching sessions with Gavin, one client shared that he had returned to see his psychologist who had barely recognized him. He mentioned that the psychologist told the client to … “stop working with me and keep doing the work you’re doing with Gavin… because it’s working.”

It’s this undeniable commitment to people that fuels Gavin’s projects and passions, including his role as Coach and Mentor to young soccer players at the grassroots level of a local Canadian Soccer Club.

From Major League Soccer players to NBA All-Stars.

From international retailers to healthcare executives.

From cosmetics industry executives to a passionate group of high-performing entrepreneurs in the Financial Sector.

Gavin’s work impacts people and organizations anywhere he goes.

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Hypnotherapy in Business

High-Performers in Business Use Hypnotherapy For:

~ Confidence building

~ Expanding leadership skills

~ Enhancing attention and focus

~ Managing pre-presentation nerves

~ Developing sharper communication skills

~ Eliminating over-thinking & self-doubt

~ Training mental resilience

~ Stress reduction

Rich Anderson, Enrich Mortgage Group

We reached #1 in national sales thanks to Gavin's coaching.

Rich Anderson, CEO & Founder, Enrich Mortgage Group of Mortgage Alliance

Gavin's coaching has made an impact for people within these organizations:

Gavin has an unquenchable thirst for helping people live great lives.

Gary John Bishop, New York Times Best-selling Author & Speaker