How Do You Know You Have Made The Right Decision In Life?

Life can get pretty hectic at times with all the decisions you have to make.

Should I go on this diet or that diet?

Choose this job or that job?

How do I know if I am in the right relationship?

Should my child go to this school or that school?

Trying to make the correct decision can really weigh on you and it can get pretty overwhelming at times with the concern of wanting to make the right call.

So how do you know if you have made the right choice in life?

Making powerful choices

Take a deep breath (no seriously I mean it, take a deep breath, it will help in the process)- okay here is how.

You know it’s the right choice because you made it – end of story.

It was meant to happen that way because it happened.

This is a simple yet powerful context to view decisions from.

After making your decision you will have information on whether to keep going in the direction you chose. Things will either work well or not. But the point is you will get valuable information that you wouldn’t have gotten if you didn’t make a choice and act.

Repeat after me…

“There is no failure only feedback!”

One more time,

“There is no failure only feedback!”

Here comes the peaceful part

You can relax now, settling in to the peace of knowing your choices are the right ones because you chose them. There is no right decision, only the one that you make.

And then the next one you make.

And then the next one you make.

Good luck!

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