Sales Coaching

When You Have A Sales Blueprint
To Follow, You Cannot Fail

"We reached #1 in sales thanks to Gavin’s coaching."

“Gavin was instrumental in helping our team get to #1 in sales in all of Canada; not to mention creating the biggest gap between between #2 and #1 in our company’s history. If you are looking to increase your team’s performance I highly recommend Gavin for his dynamic action-based coaching style.”


A Four Pronged Approach

Over his years of working in sales himself, Gavin has developed four pillars that every salesperson must focus on to have success. Most salespeople are strong in one or two of these areas – but not all. The best salespeople are the ones who apply themselves to all four pillars in their sales journey.

Once you and your team understand this four-pronged approach, you cannot fail. Sales becomes a simple matter of knowing the combination to the lock, and Gavin is ready to give it to you.

A New Approach To Sales

Gavin’s coaching isn’t just about sales techniques; it’s about personal growth. He empowers you to break through self-imposed limitations, overcome mindset hurdles, and cultivate the confidence needed to excel in every sales interaction. Through targeted coaching sessions, you’ll sharpen your communication skills, develop a keen understanding of customer needs, and establish authentic connections that build lasting client relationships.

Sales Success Starts Here

Go beyond tactics. This is a journey that empowers you to overcome hidden obstacles and cultivate a winning mentality.

Client Breakthroughs


“Gavin’s ability to listen makes him an extremely effective coach. His unique ability to provide practical applications through his coaching methodology helped me deal powerfully with my day-to-day challenges. Plus, I had the experience of being profoundly heard and listened to. He helped me truly understand how powerful I really am, moving me away from constantly undervaluing myself to a place of power which I use everyday in my line of work. I highly recommend Gavin’s executive coaching for any business leader.”

Senior Financial Executive, Professional athletics industry


“Gavin is one of the most positively charged yet down to earth people I’ve met. His energy is captivating and you quickly begin to operate at a higher, more inspired, and more effective level after spending time with him. I’ve had some of the most insightful, inspiring and personally motivating coaching from Gavin and will continue to seek his counsel in years to come. I cannot recommend Gavin’s coaching enough.”

Senior Commercial Healthcare Advisor to governments worldwide, and Children's Book Author, United Kingdom


“I am a professional sommelier, business owner, and have managed and directed hospitality operations all over the country and I owe a great part of my success to the coaching I received from Gavin. The lessons I learned from him have transcended into different aspects of my personal and professional life and continue to have an impact today. I believe Gavin’s level of effectiveness comes from his unique approach to coaching where he doesn’t explicitly give advice but instead he guides one through an internal conversation that leads to a solution for any breakdown. I have had the privilege of watching him coach hundreds (maybe thousands) of people and I can say that he is a world-class coach. He is insightful, compassionate, exceptionally intelligent, and a superb listener. I can confidently say that I am a better leader, manager, entrepreneur, friend, and overall person thanks to the time I had the privilege of spending with him.”

Professional Sommelier & Consultant, Hospitality industry


“I’ve been getting coaching from Gavin to increase my business this year to double my volume and feel great everyday with less worry and all I can say he is an awesome mentor and coach! I’ve been to others, even a psychiatrist did not help. Best investment spent! You’ll get great results. Thanks Gavin.”

Mortgage Agent, Financial Industry