Have you ever noticed when things aren’t going your way they sometimes only get worse?

You know the saying when it rains it pours.

Well the good news is it does not have to always go that way.

You have a powerful resource available to you at all time and you are using it all the time you just are not aware of it.


The language that you use will create you current reality.

Now to be clear this isn’t manifestation or any of that woo woo talk. Not saying that stuff doesn’t work, its just not what I personally focus on.

What I mean by staying positive is no matter what the circumstances that may come your way always find the opportunity in it.

You lose your job, well if you stay focused and positive about it you could find a silver lining in it all. Maybe you really didn’t want that job or it gives you that push you just needed to go for that new career or start that business you always wanted to!

And to be clear this doesn’t mean you should be a robot and not have any have feelings. Of course you will get upset, sad, frustrated in life. In fact it is not only totally normal but healthy. Be human of course.

Just don’t hang out in that space too long. Put on a timer for an hour or 10 min and be angry as hell, then get over yourself and create a state of power and positivity to get through it.

Your brain will scan for whatever input you give it. You stay upset and frustrated that will be the filter through which you will see life. You actions will be aligned with it and and the boom! You get more of the same.

You look for the opportunity in it your brain will help you find that.

The real cool thing is YOU get to say how you want your life to go.

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