You’ve Been Hypnotized and You Don’t Even Know It

Have you ever noticed you have some areas in your life where you believe that you are not capable of achieving or having that thing you really want?

Whether that be to lose weight, make money, be in that dream relationship or that business you have always wanted to start.

I am not smart enough, I am not worthy, I always fail, I can’t do it..blah…blah…blah

These patterns of limited self talk run so much that you don’t even know that they are playing in your head. It’s like a fish in water. The fish doesn’t even know it’s in water.

You have hypnotized yourself into believing all this bullshit so much that it doesn’t even come across as bullshit. It comes across as the truth. Water is wet, Rocks are hard, and by god I am not {enter limiting belief}.

Here is how it happened and here is what to do about it.

First thing to understand what hypnosis is.

Hypnosis is when you are in a focused state and you’re not worried about anything expect the one thing that you are paying attention to. It’s like when you watch a really good movie you forgot about your surroundings you are so engrossed in the movie that you can feel the emotions of the character and story line. You know that scene in BraveHeart…”but they will never take our freedom!!!” Well that is a form of hypnosis. Believing something because you’re totally focused and in the moment. If you weren’t hypnotized and were thinking critically you would be aware that those are actors, I am on a couch, that’s a TV, and the problems of life would be playing in your head.

So how does this relate to my life Gav…Good question….I was just getting there;)

You know those limiting beliefs I was talking about earlier. I am no worthy (etc) Well you hypnotized yourself in believing that those are actually real. Just like when you watch a movie you are so in the moment you think that it is actually happening. The only difference though is after a movie you get up and resume the rest of your life.

With those limiting beliefs though they that don’t occur as limiting for you, they are so goddam real.

Well I am here to tell you they are as real as that movie you watched.

Something happened to you in life, put back a grade, got dumped or cheated on, told your not good enough {insert any traumatic event} and you had such focused attention in that moment you told yourself something about yourself that you truly believed and since then you walk around in a state of hypnosis like it is real.


When you were born you had an unlimited possibilities attached to you. Look at new born and then think ahh that child looks shy, not worthy of great things. Yeah pretty silly just thinking of that right? Well that is you and your life.

Time to unHypnotize those lame as beliefs and Hypnotize some dope stories.

Here is how !

Remember hypnosis is focused attention where you are in a highly suggestible state. Take 5-10 minutes each day and close your eyes and take some deep breathes to relax your body. When you are in a calm and relaxed state start giving yourself powerful suggestions or affirmations.

I am capable, I am powerful, I am confident

When you say these feel it in your body and have it resonate in your body. Remember a time in your life when you did feel like this. I am promise you have. Experience those moment.

Open your eyes and feel the sensation running through your body.

Now here is a very important and critical step.

Think of the next smallest action you can take related to the area of life you want to improve and go do it.

The action will reinforce that new behaviour.

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